The Pause Button Course

How to Respond Instead of React to Your Kids

One of the hardest things about having a child with sensory processing issues is understanding what in the world that actually means!

Book after book, appointment after appointment, I would take in the words, but it was like they'd get lost on the way to my brain. I'd close the book or walk out of the doctor's office feeling utterly confused and hopelessly lost. Proprioception? Motor planning? Vestibular system? Huh? I could barely spell the words let alone understand them. My son's physical therapist used the term "prop" (pronounced "prope") for months before I finally asked her what the heck she was talking about!

Here's what you'll learn by taking this course

What emotional regulation is.
How to be a Mindful parent.
Specific ways to improve your emotional regulation.
The art of an apology.
Why good emotional regulation is the cornerstone of good parenting.
Mindful parenting strategies to lessen your child's challenging behaviors.
How to increase your enjoyment of parenting.
Tangible strategies to become more responsive and less reactive to your children.
How to repair the rupture when you've lost it with your kid.
Mindful parenting strategies for handling tantrums, power struggles and whining.

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About the Course

Being able to pause and respond with thoughtful intention rather than reacting impulsively to challenging behaviors by yelling, giving empty threats, punishing, shaming, and doing things that we regret is what we parents are striving for. Being able to manage our emotions in the wake of stressful situations and events is the key to good parenting. In The Pause Button, you will learn what emotional regulation is, why it's so important and how to improve yours so you can react less and respond more to your kids.

Course Outline

6 Sections, 23 Lessons

Cameron Kleimo, M.A.

Parenting Coach

Cameron is a San Diego-based parent coach, blogger and mindfulness practitioner. Formerly a first-grade teacher, Kleimo traded in her lesson plans for new adventures and spent three years living in New York City where her career path took an unexpected turn. She spent the next eight years traveling the country and making appearances on the Home Shopping Network as the Vice President of Education and Training for a cosmetics company.